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1.0 introduction to services

2.0 Introduction to products

2.1 WLCSP (Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging)
WLCSP is applicable to various IC packaging:
* memories
-- flash
* MCU's
* logics
* RF ICs
* Analogs
* integrated passives
* mixed signals
* ASIC's
* smart card IC's
* voltage regulators

In the beginning our company will provide WLCSP, WL burn in, WL testing, and SMT services for memory kind of IC's (DRAM, SRAM, flash). Later, we will also provide such services for non-memory kind of IC's.

2.2 Wafer and final testing
We have many kinds of advanced testing equipments such as Advantek T5585, T5581H, T5371, ND1, T6371, etc. Those equipments will satisfy various kinds of customer needs in memory and logic products. The services include SQJ, QFP, TQFP, TSOP1, TSOP2, PLCC, BGA, CSP, WLCSP...

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