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1.0 introduction to services

1.1 Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging

1.1.1 introduction to WLCSP

What is CSP (Chip Scale Packaging)? Unfortunately there is no globally recognized strict standard definition at this moment. Currently it is generally accepted if the ratio of package area to chip area is less than 1.2:1; and the pitch (distance) between two adjacent pins is less than 1.0 mm then we can call it CSP. The rise of CSP can mostly be attributed to the popularity and ever-shrinking size of portable electronic gadgets.
In addition, the trend that major semiconductor and consumer electronic companies
(such as Intel, NEC, Fujitsu, Sharp and Sony) are adopting CSP technology on their latest generation of products is helping to promote and encouraging others to follow.

One product category that contributes the most in driving the wide adoption of CSP is the mobile phones. With CSP, the size of the package could shrink to 1/4 to 1/10 over previous TSOP technology. This reduction in size helps a lot in increasing the capacity and functionality of new generation mobile phones. Other suitable products are digital camera, video, PDA, and any product that the smaller size matters. Most Japanese manufacturers now consider CSP as the preferred packaging technology.

What is WLCSP (Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging)?
WLCSP is a newer technology that breaks away from previous mode of packaging.
It does not require wire bonding, molding, lead framing, or sub trays. Instead, the manufacturing (packaging) requires many processes previously only used in the front end (foundry level) such as spin coatering, developing, sputtering, steppering, plasma etching; as well as traditional PCB processes such as plating, stripping, UBM etching, ball placement clustering, etc.

The major advantages of WLCSP is smaller size, lower cost, shorter manufacturing cycle time, and requires less packaging material and simpler tooling. WSCSP is generally applicable to any IC that has 200 pins or less. Those IC's can be used in many consumer electronic products: memory cards, portable video players, mobile phones, digital cameras, portable audio products, PDA's, notebook computers, etc.

1.1.2 The construction of WLCSP production line

Ace Semi and APiA has joint ventured a production line that has the capacity of 20K WLCSP per month. The installation of various equipments will start around the end of this year. Those equipments will include Spin coater, Develop, Sputter, Stepper, RIE (Plasma etch), Plating, Stripper, UBM etch, Ball Placement cluster etc; also include cutter, grinder, chip selector, etc.

We forecast installation and testing of those equipments will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2007.

1.1.3 Planning the capacity of WLCSP production line

We project in the beginning of Q2/2007, the initial monthly production capacity will be 20K W. We will expand the monthly production capacity to 60K around Q4/2008.


1.2 Wafer and final testing

1.2.1 Testing service:
We provide one-stop shopping on all testing related services which include product design, wafer test, wafer package, final test, SMT; We also provide drop shipment to customer designated destinations.

1.2.2 Capacity of testing services

We project that we will be able to start small volume production by the end of 2007.
The production capacity will be 3,000,000 chips per month for DRAM/SRAM products and 2,000,000 pieces per month for flash products. Volume production will begin in the first quarter of 2008. The first stage production capacity will be 20,000 wafers or 8,000,000 chips for DRAM/SRAM products; and 5,000,000 per month for flash products.
If using our specialty on WLCSP, we could reach 12,000,000 chips.

We project at the end of 2008, our monthly capacity will reach 60,000 wafers, or 36,000,000 chips per month. Yearly volume will be 720,000 wafers or 432,000,000 chips.

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